Trying to find a better way

Rebel, to fight agaist something also to believe in something, something better think some way different, more fair? maybe Or that perfect way God told us long ago. window into the soul of mankind blink don't we all (maybe) want the same thing? someday just to live and be free, to be? although to believe…


Good Medicine

Laughter is the best of medicines It costs nothing, yet does everything When we laugh we make ourselves free Anger, hate, jealousy cannot be when we laugh, we are free   Moira Levant © May 9 2018


Mentor me enter, explore next door, no more trap door, therefore outdoor, onshore rescue, restore.   Moira Levant © May 5th 2018


  Wide eyed youth, out, in running happily outside life's cares pushed aside   The tide is wide and full of energy, out, in People are tired   Adults mired in grief the loss of so many done before they can rest   Watch the swamp, quicksand. Audible cries for help and nothing to be done!…