Aisling 2 Weeks

book is now 2 weeks or so from being avaliable on My book is comingsoon it will be for sale, yesMay or June sometimeA girl who's fatherhas died and she is now on... you will have to read!Moira Levant © March 7 2019


Find your voiceI am my voiceI can help youI don't need help finding my voiceYour voice is everythingwhat I want is the techniqueI will help you find your voiceBut it isn't lost!Let me teach youLet me be freeI will teach youteach me technique, then my voice will be freewhat were you saying?I want to be…

April Fools

Photo by Donald Teel on you need to believeif you turn around three timesand wiggleyour toesMoira (not good at jokes) Levant © April 1 2019


words, words, words and morewords, and beyond meaning, andmore words, words, words, wordsMehMoira Levant © March 26 2019


For Terri’s Sunday Stills Challenge: Daylight Hours Light and darkMark the nightsight brings correct actiongiven freelyplunderedfight actionpeace brings calmlight and darkmindfulnesssee nowlight and darktogetherMoira Levant © March 10 2019


fire work at it, yes docarve a place for you, work nowand kindle the fireknow you belong andthat carved place is for you. Betrue to you, and workMoira Levant © March 8 2019