For Terri’s Sunday Stills Challenge: Daylight Hours Light and darkMark the nightsight brings correct actiongiven freelyplunderedfight actionpeace brings calmlight and darkmindfulnesssee nowlight and darktogetherMoira Levant © March 10 2019

Let go and be

I would do anything to release the burden of your soulI know I must let gochildhood dreams fade with adulthood, cease the burden of your soullearn to let gohardwood trees worshiping and at peace, the burden of your souljust let goI would do anything to release the burden of your souldon't just golet love growMoira…


a book about a young violinist My book is now done ,publishing soon - oh yesum must go and teach soon Moira Levant © Feb 12 2019


I wonder why you speak, no one marks you Prattle on, do you say anything at all? Listen for a moment, learn something new know someone by listening to them beyond words, but also actions silence can heal, if you let it uncomfortable in today's society noise is always going on but, listening is more…

Are You There?

Hello, are you there? There seems nothing more to write. Everything has been . . . .Silence, stars shine bright.The dreams of childhood, the blightis coiling, uncleanAre you there? Hello!The streams singing on the rocksHealing, cleaning, Nin.Moira Levant © Jan. 26 2019