Aisling 2 Weeks

book is now 2 weeks or so from being avaliable on My book is comingsoon it will be for sale, yesMay or June sometimeA girl who's fatherhas died and she is now on... you will have to read!Moira Levant © March 7 2019


Ralph and his sister Olivia 2019 In order to loveTruly, fully, and for realyou must let them goMoira Levant May 1 2019

What this World Needs

Photo by Pixabay on Love is power, andtruth through love is power, soLove the world some moreBut what is love, truth?when we know what love, truth is,we can love the worldMoira Levant © April 19 2019 Photo by Pixabay on

Primal Scream Motley Crue

I'm a nice classically trained irish fiddler - and I do love jazz and the blues, but Motley Crue is not the kind of band I would see live, not because of their music, or use of colorful language, but because at 4'7" unless I get remarkable seats, I'd not see much. As it is…