Light and Dark

I just heard your song You Want it Darker, darker your last light for us Moira Levant © Jan. 21 2019



I long to belong, the tribe that lives together, for each other. But sometimes I feel like a puzzle piece lost in the wrong puzzle, searching for home, a home safe, warm, true. Communites are now, it seems to me, forced into being. We are no longer tribes that live together, though sometimes I see…

The Garden

Photo by Marx Ilagan on Pexels.comPhoto by Mikes Photos on Pexels.comPhoto by Caio Resende on Pexels.comPhoto by Pixabay on I to the Garden went looking for God, unfound hope God is okay Moira Levant © December 22 2018

Saints and Sinners

Is there room in Heaven for both? One of my heros is Father Mychal Judge, a Franciscan priest in New York who minestered to the young men of Manhattan during the Aides crisis in the 1980's. He died at the twin towers just after the planes ran into the buildings. He was giving last rites…

Two Voices

What's around the corner? I Don't Know, does it matter? I want to know. In time you will. I want to know now, I want to know if it is good now! What of now? Now, I want to know what's around the corner!  In time you will, calm yourself. How can I calm myself…