Ralph and his sister Olivia 2019 In order to loveTruly, fully, and for realyou must let them goMoira Levant May 1 2019


Happy old girl, she's Like a pheonix, risen high Shashka's a puppy!   --- well, she has puppy energy anyway.   Moira Levant © August 5th 2018

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So a year ago today I earnestly started this blog. It is a hogpog of thoughts on adversity, animals, baseball, the American Civil War, classical music, coffee (go Ghostlight), cooking, Doctor Who, dogs, education, faith, family, folk music, food, freedom, fun, greed, history, hope, Jazz, life, listening, love, mankind, movies, music old movies, peace, plants,…


Unrequited – Word of the Day   not unrequited rather very much loved, yes by dogs and mankind   Sashka as a pup with Sumo. She grew to be as big as him.   In the very early summer of 2006 a foundling pup was placed in my pack by my nephew and a friend.…

One More Step

Striving – Word of the Day Okay weirdly into my mind come Les Mes "One Day More" which isn't "One More Step", but is similar. I strive every day to be more me, more like the kind of person I want to be, and walk that line of expectation and acceptance for lacking in some…

A Yellin n Bellowin

Enticing – Word of the Day Oh that itch, that bitch Yellin n Bellowin, sellin a notion I have a right! So enticing!   Hurtin is certain, no one is safe when I be a yellin n a bellowin I have a right is enticing.   People scattered, no one comes near stayin awayin cause…


Plethora word of the day     Is five too many? A Plethora of dogs, um house alarms cost more.   Moira Levant © June 28 2018


No leader am I not a follower either must be a loner but talking is my love conversations with dogs are limited somewhat and learn to be alone happy in your company nothing can hurt you Moira Levant © June 4 2018  

too early

Premature   too early, or not I came at my choosing, yes! Nails, hair, and strong lungs!   Moira Levant © May 18 2018   I was 3 pounds 5 ounces at birth. 15 inches long but with powerful lungs. The nurses and doctors were actually glad I could cry. I needed to be 5…