April 1960 Virginia Mary (McMichael) Levant & Howard Stanley Levant 13 years dead soontoday she would be 90Virginia MaryMoira Levant June 22 2019She was born June 22 1929 and died August 2 2006. She had two children who lived to be adults, a boy (Jonathan Ross Levant: March 28th 1956-March 16 2004) and Katherine-Moira Leda…


A Father's fathera son's son's son, and beyondwith mothers, daughtersFamilyMoira Levant © June 16 2019


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To be heard

I wonder why you write, no one marks you, and what of Shakespeare? I wonder if whentalking I miss the wisdomof my inner selftrue silence is hardlistening inward, being still. . . . .Moira Levant © May 22 2019

What went Wrong

alone I sit andponder the life I have hadwonder what went wrongin childhood I sangand knew of Joy so true, boldand then, what went wrong?Ambition stole youthadulthood slinked in and thensomething true went wrongMoney, money andfear of homelessness, aloneis that what went wrong?Joy in life is allLife is not aquisition but being alivenowMoira Levant May…