Aisling 2 Weeks

book is now 2 weeks or so from being avaliable on My book is comingsoon it will be for sale, yesMay or June sometimeA girl who's fatherhas died and she is now on... you will have to read!Moira Levant © March 7 2019


Find your voiceI am my voiceI can help youI don't need help finding my voiceYour voice is everythingwhat I want is the techniqueI will help you find your voiceBut it isn't lost!Let me teach youLet me be freeI will teach youteach me technique, then my voice will be freewhat were you saying?I want to be…

The Question

The Question: 2. (3'37") Pondering the Question: 3. (5'50") Letting go of the Question trying to make sure all who want to can hear it water, more water I hope this will work The Question, Brass Quintet, yes water very good Moira Levant © March 12 2019