random thoughts

about life I believe that all lives deserves to be alive. I also believe that some life seems to have it easier than other parts. Take a well cared for garden with flowers that is watered and furtalized well. Happy flowers. What of the alley flower who has made it through the cement. I wonder…

Abigail Spring

Abigail Spring was born c 1840 and died in 1917. She is my great great grandmother on my mother's mother's mother's side of the family. I believe she was trained as a master dress maker. She married Joseph Van Tilburg after the Civil War in 1868. They had 3 children, Harry, Ann, and Mary. Mary…

Phony Word of the Day

Phony She stared at the phone, waiting for a reply not knowing if one was coming now. The crowded bus swayed as dusk decended. Many of the people on the bus were commuting home after the days work. Some sat, some stood, almost everyone stared at their phones. The one waiting for a reply looked…


amiss cluttershe dismissedthe feelings as bogousbliss?she kissedthe dog remissedlocus insideher abyss could she dismissbogousamid clutternot a bit kissedMoira Levant © June 5 2019


we have plans, and thenlife happens, and when we flowwonderful things arethere to see, and belife happens now, when we seeand experienceMoira Levant © May 30 2019


Photo by Ralph W. lambrecht on Pexels.com Twisting and turningdancing for joy, powerfulground devistationhumans huddled safein basements, bathrooms, shelterssounding like freight traindancing for joy andunaware of ant humanssound and a light showHow little we controlMoira Levant May 30 2019


Charming – Word of the Day Photo by Gratisography on Pexels.com Charming isn't mebad tempered red headthat is truly mewhat do you say there?you have it very wrong, foryou are most charmingMoira Levant © May 25 2019


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.comPhoto by J carter on Pexels.comPhoto by Malcolm Garret on Pexels.comPhoto by Dominika Roseclay on Pexels.comPhoto by Edu Carvalho on Pexels.comPhoto by Sofia Báthory on Pexels.comPhoto by Tristan Le on Pexels.comPhoto by Pixabay on Pexels.com Be Joyful my child!I can't, the world is fucked up.It is, but you must be joyful.How…