I am a musician (fiddler, violinist, violist), teacher, composer and writer. My interests include religion (man’s connection to God), philosophy (the search for truth, and wisdom), education, animals, and more. I started this page to deal with the grief of loosing my family, but it has become more to me, just a place to show my thoughts and feelings about all aspects of life. I have degrees in Music History (Wright State University), Music Composition (Carnegie Mellon), and Ethnomusicology (University of Limerick in Ireland). I am a member of ASCAP and have been awarded 8 ASCAPlus awards. I studied the Montessori method of early childhood education as well as the Suzuki method of violin teaching. My own style is just that, my own and I can’t call myself  any kind of specific kind of teacher. I enjoy seeing other blogs, and the variety of topics is cool, neat, nifty, etc. I hope to grow as a writer by keeping this blog. Pictures are of me, my band Blackthorn & Laurel, me teaching, and me and some of my dogs.





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