Volatile – Word of the Day

When my brother went through his divorce, and I learned what a true bitch was from my ex-sister-in-law, I decided never to be like that, never to be a bitch. Problem is, being female, and human to boot, there are times I can’t help being a bitch. It’s hard to stand up for yourself and still be kind. Few people have done it. Maybe MLK Jr, maybe Rosa Parks, maybe Abigail Adams. To stand strong against a foe, and still retain ones ability to be kind seems almost impossible.

Volatile people are either feared, or ignored. I myself feel ignored much of the time these days, and used. What I want is good conversation, connection with others, love.

Volatile animals are usually put down, if they are demestic. Little Guy #1, who is now Sammie, was not volatile, but gruff. He strutted, and growled a lot to his siblings. I started making sure he, as well as his litter-mates, all heard “I love you, you are a good dog” ever day, maybe several times a day. It has worked very well. Sammie is a love now, affectionate, and kind.

Moira Levant


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