The cold permeated her being. She hated cold, she hated morning, she wanted to stay in bed, but the youngsters needed out. They barked almost in unison. She rolled over and looked at the clock. 7:00AM. She thought to herself, ‘right on time’, then yelled down to them, “I’m coming.” The barking stopped for a moment then rang again. She threw the covers off and rolled out of bed.

Morning was a foggy time for her. She always had a hard time finding everything she needed, but it happened. Soon she was putting on her shoes and the puppies and their parents were happily barking. She came down the stairs to the baby gate at the landing and all 9 greeted her, jollily. She told them to move so she could get down, but the youngsters wanted to greet her as they did every morning. Tails wagging, a new day born, time to eat, then play.

She fed the dogs then let them out into the backyard. The cold was everywhere, though she knew it was warm in the house. She made coffee and toast then went to the back door. The pups and dogs were playing, happily, and oblivious to her discomfort. She sipped her coffee and walked back to eat her toast. It was warm like the coffee and taisted really good this morning with butter and orange marmalade on it.

How she wished she could be like them, as she had been years long ago, ready for the new day waking her own mother in the early hours ready to eat and play. She went back to the door and saw the snow falling and the puppies marveling, their first snow. What jolly mutts they were.


Moira Levant / ©2017


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