The day after Thanksgiving in the USA a friend of mine was found dead. He died of an overdose. He was not a close friend, but I will miss him all the same and the death of him has struck me.

I grew up watching A Family Affair. I loved the show like so many did. Recently I learned that the young actress who acted Buffy died at the age of 18, of an overdose. It seems so wasteful.


Life is precious, but there are so many who live bored, lonely, disconnected. I’m not sure that that is why people overdose on drugs. I believe there must be as many reasons people end up dead or nearly dead of drug use as there are people. All the same, this finite body is a gift even when it doesn’t work quite right. One lady I saw recently on YouTube plays the violin like it is a cello because that is the only way she can play. It is beautiful to see, and her optimism is wonderful, not full of being bored and loneliness.


If we can reach beyond the perceived limits of our life, and find a way to allow our soul to sing, do we need drugs? How can we humans connect better? Is being independent really best? Do we need each other??



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