Last night I dreamt I was in Dublin, Ireland, with my mother. She’s been dead since August of 2006. A friend of mine in Ireland I haven’t seen since 2004 was there. We played music together, visited, and it was a great time. In my dream the furniture was like in a living room, not a pub. Very home like and that is like what I experienced when I was in Ireland playing in the pubs, for the most part. I wrote an email back in 2003 about my first night at a pub in Limerick. There was a fire next door, we could say it got hot. People had to leave the pub because of the fire, and we stood watching it for a short time, many had taken their pints of beer out with them. Heh, good times.

I can no longer find that email, it’s lost to time and all the upgrades. I think so much change is created to make us buy all the new stuff. See I have it stored in a word processing document I can no longer open because Apple has changed. I wonder if these writings on wordpress will be lost in time??



Limerick 2003

Moira Levant


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