The alarm went off and she rolled over hitting the snooze button while looking at the time. 5:45AM, she could sleep another 15 minutes. Early morning sounds came to her ears, her husbands snoring, her children rustling in their rooms, the morning dove, the chirping of the starlings, the crickets.

It was the first day of school after summer vacation. They had spent the summer moving into a new place. The house was smaller than they thought it would be for all it cost, but they were 100 feet from the ocean. Her son was 16 and finishing highschool, her daughter 12 and entering 6th grade. She offered prayers to the great energy of the universe, some call it God. Make it a good day please.

The dog started to bark and she knew her daughter was up as the dog slept with her. Her son had taken up residence in the unused garage. This have him both room and privacy. His parents didn’t mind as it was a warm climate.

The woman finally pulled herself out of bed just before the alarm was to go off. She turned it off and went to the bathroom. Her husband snored more. She dressed and went into the kitchen to make breakfast, egg, bacon, broccoli, Mushroom omelette, and toast. The dog sat in the kitchen watching, and hoping.

The son was first seen. “Hey Mom, I’m off, I have a mile to walk before I catch the bus to be carted into school 20 miles. Stupid! Great breakfast though, mushrooms and eggs with cheese!” He took a bite or two and walked out the door, his dress very 70’s with hair down to his shoulders, and a wide-brimmed hat.

“Yes, but it is what it is, and it’s only 10 miles away.” she replied to him before he left. He and his sister exchanged grimaces that were. at least in part, in fun.

The daughter came in and sat at the table. She wore a nice blue pants suit. Her red hair was still cut short, her dark blue eyes excited. They ate together as the daughter talked about Beethoven and the violin concerto, how it had been a failure at its premiere December 23rd 1806 and how Franz Clement had been the first to play it.

“I spent last night listening to Yehudi Menuhin playing it, oh the 2nd movement is glorious!” she said taking a bite and eating carefully.

“I’m glad you are enjoying the new record. Eat up, we need to leave soon.”

“I’m eating slowly, to savoy every mushroom in this delectable omelette.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere, not.” replied the mother, drinking the last of her coffee.

“Oh, but they are good mom. I hope the music program at this new school is good too. I want to learn so much about music and musicians like Beethoven.” the child said as she took her empty plate and glass to the sink.

“I’m sure it will be fine.” the mother said doing the same and getting her car keys.

The mother drove her talkative daughter the mile to the school. Her son had long gone on the bus as she and her daughter drove up. New life, new place, let us have some hope.


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