The puppies strut their stuff easily. They aren’t thinking about strutting, walking in a show off commanding way, they just do it. I admire that as it seems like they are simply being who they are in the world.

I wish life could be more honest. It seems to me that deceit is so much a part of life. Prey hides from the predator, and the predator hides from the prey. Yet I believe, more because I have been told than know, that predators only kill what they need. Would there ever be a show about animal hoarders?

I wonder if truth can become a god, that we could worship too much the truth? BUT from my perspective, I need truth to make wise choices.

Did the men who left the Jew in the parable of the Good Samaritan strut? Were they showing off to the world, instead of just being in the world? Did the Samaritan think twice before helping the beaten naked Jew who was technically his enemy? Did the Samaritan hide his good deed? Is Hannah Arendt right when she says that a good deed shared (told in a story like maybe bragging about it) takes away from the good of the deed?? Is strutting sinful?

Veterans day – in America anyway. I have relatives going back to the Revolutionary way who fought for freedom, but can there ever be freedom where truth doesn’t reside? If life is inherently deceitful simply to survive, can we ever know the truth? I am proud of the ideas America brought to the world, but I wonder not if we didn’t strut too much in showing off our kind of freedom, does that then take away freedom from others who wish (there is the important word, they chose) to live a different kind of life?? And when we strut, are we somehow lying to gain attention? I’m not sure.


Just a few Thoughts – – – – –


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