Ralph is the pup with the white nose, and streak of white on his head. You can see him easily in this picture.


Ralph was born on the last Wednesday in August 2017. His mother Percy is a boxer, pit bull, terrier, and his father is a german shepherd, dachshund, cock-a-poo, terrier something. He was the biggest of his litter. His eyes were also first to open, and he was the first of the pups to offer a puppy kiss to the human in the house. She came to them often, and sometimes took their mom away. But every time mom came back. They lived in a room. There were sheets, a soft bed, and lots of books.

One day the pups were taken downstairs. Ralph remembers the long-haired black dog and the human saying that was his father. The bigger white female was an aunt, or so he was told. Later he learned she wasn’t related, but still part of the family.


Ralph at c 3 weeks old I think, eyes and ears open.


He and his 5 siblings grew bigger and bigger and soon they could climb the stairs to the gate. The owner would come down to feed them and they loved to greet her at the gate, all 9 dogs. She took forever to get down the stairs. She told the older dogs to go down the stairs, “Ya wanna go out?” and they would run to the back door. All the puppies followed with much glee. The human came to the back door slowly, and let the older dogs “outside”. Little Guy 1 in particular wanted to know what outside was, but she never let him go out. Once he got to see the yard, with green grass, and a tree. None of the puppies understood why they could not go out. The fact is that the human was protecting them from diseases.

Sashka told the puppies, on Halloween, about how she nearly died of the parvo virus. It was a scary story even though they all knew she lived. Sashka loved the human. The human had taken her in and made her well. When Sashka had become ill she went to a special vet. She didn’t like this vet. But then she went to the good vet and stayed there 1 week. They took very good care of her and she lived, and she was so very, very happy when she got to come home, to her home. And from that time on Sashka protected the human, sitting on the humans foot facing out at the world. The human would scratch Sashka behind the ears, and sometimes on the belly. Shaska loved that.


Sashka as a pup with Sumo, Ralph’s great great uncle. Ralph takes after Sumo in nature, both are sweet dogs.


Subite, the father of the puppies, didn’t like them much. The puppies tried to play with him, but all he did was growl, and jump onto his chair. He was small, black with some white, and mean. He kinda had to be being so small as he was.


Grumpy Papa Subite 10 years old. My little Stud Muffin. (Nephew to Sumo!)


Percy, the mama, was the kindest dog in the house to the puppies. She had taken good care of them and now continues. She always shares her food, and plays with them. She is a good mama, with love n stuff, you know, the great wall of milk.

20170924_215436.jpg       20161202_110852

Percy (Persephone)


22228303_10155865041663092_7531970464613940566_n (1)    20160805_174142

Sashka (maybe husky chow) and the human


One day the human, and another human, well, the human that belonged to Percy actually, took all the puppies away. Percy was NOT happy with this. Sashka and Subite were happy thinking, well, that’s done.

The puppies were put into a car and taken a long way. Then each of the puppies was examined by a kind woman who gave them treats. After all this they all came back to the house. Percy was elated counting her puppies and so so  very happy. Sashka was, ‘well, okay’, and Subite was, ‘sigh, ugh’.

A few days later the human came downstairs as always and let the older dogs out. All the puppies got extra yummy food, warmed with milk puppy chow and they chowed down. Accidentally she stepped on Ralph and he ran away, not happy. She was very sorry, but he would not come to her when she called him. It hurt! He was not going to take that. He had his principles!

Then she took each puppy and gave then a pill. Some just took their pill, others did not, one of these was Ralph, who leaped out of her arms and ran away hiding. No pill for Ralph, and the human felt so very bad. It wasn’t meant to be bad, not to hurt him on purpose. She loved him and wanted him to be healthy. She had failed though, and it felt bad.

She let the adult dogs in, fed them, and then left for the day after giving each dog a dog treat, well all save Ralph who still stayed away. She threw his treat toward where she thought he was, frustrated at all that had happened, or not happened, that morning. She carried that with her all day. Her own day did not go well. But Ralph had a great day.

He played with his siblings, he drank water from the gulping water tank, he slept, he ran as fast as he could, played, etc. He had a great day and forgot all about being stepped on, and handled in a way he didn’t like.

20171104_191128-1.jpg    20171025_122020-1

When the owner returned many hours later she was tired and grumpy. But when she came into the house all the dogs greeted her happily, ALL and she saw this, Ralph was there. She sat at the bottom at the stairs after letting the older dogs outside and watched the puppies playing. Ralph came up and sat beside her. He then gave her a kiss, leaped off the bottom stair, and wrestled with Ginger Snap 2. The human was taken aback in a good way. She had never been forgiven in such a kind way, such a definite way.

Ralph and the human on the stairs

Now the human and Ralph are good friends. She puts her hand down, doesn’t grab him, and he kisses her hand trusting her, and stands on his hind legs kissing her. He also likes cleaning her ears when she sits on the stairs. Now they understand each other, there is trust, respect, and there is love.




Small Level



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