Let go, and be happy. Release, relieve, relinquish. Rely on yourself, be true to yourself, which in a way means know yourself. That is hard when we have so many factors talking at us. Advertisements for things we don’t need, or really want, parents who mean well, friends who also mean well, etc. How do we know ourselves.

Fe me it has been taking time to be with myself. I could do this easily when I was younger, and as a kid I was given time to just be; I was not over scheduled. As an older adult though, after having my brother die young, natural causes, and my parents die later, as well as extended family, I find myself post caring for others and not knowing myself, or for that matter my values. This seems strange to me.

So, I decided I had to realign, rediscover, maybe release myself, and become my own best friend. As a kid there seemed to be more social time than now, as an adult. I have always been a social butterfly. I love parties where I can converse with several people and flit about. I dislike being alone, but that is the more or less new norm. I have written about butterflies before, and I do like the imagery of the struggle to become a butterfly from being a caterpiler.

So, what will the next 50 years of my life bring? How will I beReleased into the modern world? What adventures await me? What service will I bring to the world. I don’t know. But I do know that happiness is something I want, and that success is fleeting, momentary. Contentment is not the sibling of complacency. Happiness in who you are right now does not take away working to become something else, better maybe, or merely different.

I am still working on happy.


Moira Levant/ ©2017



2 thoughts on “The Art of Happiness

  1. So relatable. Happiness is always the ultimate goal. You have been through a lot but happiness is right around the corner. I promise you!

    Best of luck.


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