September 12th 1953 c 7:00pm Howard Stanley Levant and Virginia Mary McMichael got married. They were both 24 years old. They had met while at graduate school at the University of Minnesota in an old English class two years before. Howard asked Virginia, ‘Ginger’, out for coffee. She accepted and that was that.

They had 5 children 2 of whom grew up. 2 were stillborn, the last lived for 48 hours. The 2 who lived were Jonathan Ross Levant and Katherine-Moira Leda Levant.

Jonathan died of a brain aneurism March 16th 2004. Ginger died August 2nd 2006 and Howard died March 24th 2013. Moira is still alive and kicking. Were Howard and Virginia alive today would be their 54th wedding anniversary, Jonathan would be 61 years old.


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