The human mind is capable of envisioning what seem to be impossibilities and making them possible. What we see as finite, may not be. Our ability to see beyond what seems to be obvious limits, and push beyond them does make man less limited, less finite.

We created spears, bows & arrows, buildings for shelter, farming for food (both plants and animals), ways to carry things like the invention of the wheel, as well as the steam engine, the car, and the computer. I believe clothing is also an invention, as well as language. BUT, we are not alone in being able to invent useful items.

Jane Goodall discovered that chimpanzee’s made tools, and changed scientific thought about man and animal. She changed what seemed to be definite, finite. But isn’t that what we humans are suppose to do? Are we not to question, and the discover that what we thought isn’t quite true, and then change because of new information? I think so.

There are finalities in this life, though. Life is created to have a beginning and an end. We have been able to help more people live longer through medicine and nutrition, as well as exercise, but we haven’t been able to live forever. We do die, we are finite.

We have envisioned what it might be like to live forever as there are stories about what happens when someone, or a group of people, can’t die. Usually they find it difficult to keep living when all around them changes and the people they loved die, become finite. But the limits of life, usually don’t have to be there.

So go push the envelope and see if the edge is really there, see how limited you are, how finite your sphere of existence really is, and then like the butterfly fresh out of the cocoon, learn to fly.

via Daily Prompt: Finite



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