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*** I anticipated having more time today to write. I was wrong in my expectation. Below is unrefined, but I will post it anyway – so there!



Sometimes I expect things to end up bad and they aren’t. Then I am happy. And sometimes I expect things to be end up good, and they are bad, then I am unhappy. Anticipation can be the worse thing. It can keep us from seeing the beauty on something when it isn’t what we wanted it to be, so stuck in our own vision that we don’t really see what is beautiful.

The Fair

I have played the Fair at New Boston for about 25 years, give or take a year. This year was the 35th year for the fair. It is a period fair that gives people who do the old ways of doing things a place to show how it is done, and maybe sell some of their work. Tin smiths, silver smiths, rope makers, wood carvers, etc. There is also an indian village represented, showing how they cooked food, and made arrows, and other things. Then there are also representations of some battles that have happened in the area.

There are also musicians who play at various places on the field, at one of the taverns, there are three, or other places on the field. I am one of those musicians. Usually I look forward to the fair, but not this year. So many people who used to do the fair have died, and this year we heard that the windsor chair maker had died of brain cancer. I used to hang out at his tent and play music, and he could play – mandolin. Smart guy and I have one of his chairs.

Anyway, the fair goes on rain or shine. Saturday this year was colder than I had ever remembered it being, and while not raining, misting, damp, wet. It was a pretty miserable day. People did come, but not too many, and we went on with the various demonstrations, but the fun seemed to be all gone.

I was hired to play, and did so. The dancers danced, the other folk did there thing, the sun went down, dinner was had by all participants who made the fair feel like it was 1797. And then they danced as I played, though tired and worn. They did all have a wonderful time. Sleep helped for a better day on Sunday.

While Saturday had been cold and damp, Sunday was the opposite. It was warm, beautiful, and the crowds came in record numbers and from all over. I did my thing, and people enjoyed it, friends came, and fun was had! So I had anticipated certain things about this years fair that didn’t happen, and others that did. I find that having no expectation is better, but not sure how to do that when there is repetition. It seems best to me that we enjoy the moment now, rather than live in the then, or later parts of life.


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