“Be Still and know that I am God,” psalm 46 verse 10 is in many ways a strange verse. We humans don’t seem to like being still. How can anything get done if we are still? Psalm 46 was Martin Luther’s favorite, and “A Mighty Fortress is our God” was inspired by it. But what does it mean to be still really? We might think of sitting and doing nothing, but I don’t think that is correct. I think it is being still and doing everything. When we can still ourselves, and our minds, we can listen to our inner voice, and that inner voice has wisdom we need to hear. If we are constantly running we can not hear that voice. But then what do we do? Nothing? I don’t think so. I think that we will have a more clear idea of what we can do. When we are still we begin to know ourselves, and then can care for ourselves, and others better.

“Life’s a game made for everyone And love is the prize” from Avacci’s Wake me Up comes to mind. The whole verse resonates with me, about trying to carry the weight of the world, but just being one man (that can be woman too by the way). 

It seems to me that we hear about all the wars and pain of the world and then become depressed. Why, because there is nothing really we can do to alleviate all that pain, and if we are sensitive, we ourselves feel that pain. At least I know there isn’t much I can do. When that happens I feel useless and ineffective. So, I focus on my own little part of the world and do what I can for those I meet whether close friends or strangers.

Texas has been inundated by rain and wind, and thus flooding. upwards of 3000 people have been stranded. BUT, others from all over the state, and other states, are arriving with boats and trying to help rescue those stranded by the flooding. 30,000 are displaced. Should we call them refugees?? Maybe.

There is something wondrous about what I am seeing in Texas that makes me almost ridiculously happy. All kinds of people helping all kinds of people without reservation. There are no demonstrations against people today in Texas, only people helping other people, that is what I see. There are helpers everywhere, and somehow we will manage to pull through, together.

When people work together wonderful things happen. When people compromise other wonderful things happen. I hope Harvey can pull America together. I have a feeling that Texas will be more fortunate than Louisiana was with Hurricane Katrina, maybe because of what happened after the Katrina. I hope we have learned something.

I might write more tomorrow about Psalm 46 and Wake me Up. For now I leave you with a haiku.

Beauty in Texas 

people work together and 

color blindness is

Moira Levant August 27th 2017


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