What this World Needs

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com Love is power, andtruth through love is power, soLove the world some moreBut what is love, truth?when we know what love, truth is,we can love the worldMoira Levant © April 19 2019 Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Compromise Rant

Compromise. So if the violins in an orchestra decided that an A 338 was the correct A (less high strung), but the cellos decided that 444 was correct (sharper sound), and the violas (middle sounding instruments that they are) decided to stay with a 440, playing in tune together would be a difficulty. Somehow the…


I can never knowWhat real truth is, no, never.Only God sees truth.Moira Levant © April 17 2019

Primal Scream Motley Crue

I'm a nice classically trained irish fiddler - and I do love jazz and the blues, but Motley Crue is not the kind of band I would see live, not because of their music, or use of colorful language, but because at 4'7" unless I get remarkable seats, I'd not see much. As it is…


Find your voiceI am my voiceI can help youI don't need help finding my voiceYour voice is everythingwhat I want is the techniqueI will help you find your voiceBut it isn't lost!Let me teach youLet me be freeI will teach youteach me technique, then my voice will be freewhat were you saying?I want to be…

April Fools

Photo by Donald Teel on Pexels.com you need to believeif you turn around three timesand wiggleyour toesMoira (not good at jokes) Levant © April 1 2019