Enlighten me please how are we better now than then? Where is the light?    


Life and Joy

I do not remember what I expected when I was born. I had a wonderful family. Oh, they were not perfect, we had our fights, our disagreements, but in the end we were very close. The world at large seems strange to me. So much fighting, so many hurt, so many angry at life. Life should…


Release   Release eloquence, love everyone, and sense exoneration.  

The Art of Happiness

Release Let go, and be happy. Release, relieve, relinquish. Rely on yourself, be true to yourself, which in a way means know yourself. That is hard when we have so many factors talking at us. Advertisements for things we don't need, or really want, parents who mean well, friends who also mean well, etc. How…


Express   Express myself, hm? I do not know what to say. Truth is really hard.   Moira Levant ©2017  

Live a Little

Risky Life is inherently Risky. There are no guarantees, no promises. Life is and with luck, and work it can be great. But that is not the promise. We seem to live in an age that wants to promise us things, high living if you buy this product, fame and fortune if you just buy…

Oscar Levant

Loyal Witty pianist unpredictable, and strange and a loyal friend   Oscar Levant was a pianist, and a wit. He was in several movies and also wrote music including this ditty from 1928 - If You Want the Rainbow, You Must Have the Rain, for the movie My Man with Fanny Brice. Here is my…


Believe To believe, to trust. I don't trust many things any more. People lie too easily, mostly to save themselves from what I have learned these past 50 years. Sometimes they lie to save others. I guess I believe that people are more likely to be deceitful than not. But what of God? I believe…