Boots and Fairs

Playing at a fair my new custom boots are there too hot to wear them   Moira Levant 9/16 /18



Volatile – Word of the Day When my brother went through his divorce, and I learned what a true bitch was from my ex-sister-in-law, I decided never to be like that, never to be a bitch. Problem is, being female, and human to boot, there are times I can't help being a bitch. It's hard…

The Fair at New Boston

to the fair I go fiddling and a dancing every labor day!   Every year during Labor day weekend, rain or shine, for the past 20 something (nearly 30 I believe) The Fair at New Boston has been celebrated in Springfield, Ohio. I will be there, again, as a street fiddler, and the music for…

How can I loose my sight?

Rectitude – Word of the Day   When I was young I knew I saw black and white clearly defined but then I grew morphed, changed into what I am now sniviling little creature scared of life and black n white are now intermixed grey an aging creature worn, changed, sculpted by time into what?…


Seek, and find, or not shall we ourselves taunt, ourselves? well, an after thought.   seek not and then find shall we ourselves flaunt ourselves? smell flowers' frangrence   and forgive   Moira levant © August 27 2018