a few Haikus

Anticipation – Word of the Day   Anticipation life on my own terms, meaning emancipation /// imagination, oh the anticipation expectations joy /// Tingles all over excitement, looking forward, Anticipation   Moira Levant © June 20 2018  

Good and Evil

I think that when we are children we think very black and white, that good is good and that evil is evil. As I grew into my adulthood I began to realize that it was more complicated than that, that humans sometimes do good, and sometimes evil, and usually with the best of intentions. The…


Limerence – Word of the Day To love someone from afar and want them to love you back the pains of life Hamlet spoke of "The pangs of despised love" Please let me love you and in return would you consider to love me too.

Evil and Good

So last night I was drawn into the netflix documentary Evil Genius about a bazar set of crimes that happened in late August 2003. Brian Well's died after robbing a PnC bank. He had been coerced, having a bomb cuffed to his neck which went off. Spoiler alert, In the end it comes out that…


No leader am I not a follower either must be a loner but talking is my love conversations with dogs are limited somewhat and learn to be alone happy in your company nothing can hurt you Moira Levant © June 4 2018