Haiku for Saturday

ComplicationIt's complicatedLife, ya know, mankind forgotThey are in nature!Moira Levant May 19 2018


too early

Premature   too early, or not I came at my choosing, yes! Nails, hair, and strong lungs!   Moira Levant © May 18 2018   I was 3 pounds 5 ounces at birth. 15 inches long but with powerful lungs. The nurses and doctors were actually glad I could cry. I needed to be 5…

three in one

Three in one, a package deal. 61, 89,77, ages of death will vary. pain of loss repeats, numbness to pain takes hold, leaving nothing in it's wake! What can be done? Live, live 61, 89, or 77 years day by day, in yourself, be true   Moira Levant © May 17 2018

Self Confidence

Thin, tin, hollow it's not a win   sin, din, follow and try to grin   chin, win, bravado a really grin for now it's a win   Moira Levant © May 16 2018    

Slight of Hand

Slight of hand     a man on 2nd, another on 1st pitcher wound up and let fly thump, the catcher's mitt was full the batter had not moved, not fooled ball 1   again a wind up thunk the batter had not moved, not fooled ball 2   again a wind up thunk strike 1…

Long Haiku Poem

  I'm feeling in a depressed mood. What good news do you all have?   Life I viewed the scene and fueled with hope sunrise came, then a sunset hued sky   reality dreamed a more peaceful life for all we skewed everything     in trying to fix a broken choatic world, all things…

against the flow

Skewed no warning change came disrupted the calm anger ensewed to no avale change was staying changed trying to think peace accept what is be calm in the midst of change but anger was there anyway skewed once again explosion, disruption, frenzy salmon swiming upstream agaist the current home to spawn home skewed twisted, changed, no longer…